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If you are signing a legal document to use in a different country, it most probably will need to be notarised. It simply attests to the fact that the person signing a legal document is actually the person theyre representing themselves to be.

To notarise a document the Notary Public has to check that you are the person entitled to sign the document and that you understand its nature and effect.

He or she witnesses you signing it and gives it international legal status by putting his or her own signature and notarial seal on it.

The most common document that are Notarised are:

Copies of passports, employment letters, transcripts, powers of attorney...

Preparing the documents

At times, your documents may already have been prepared for you, all we have to do is notarise them. If you have your documents on a e-mail, we will probably ask you to forward them to us so that we can print them out and maybe re-format them to make them suitable for notarisation.

We do also prepare many standard international documents in English from scratch. We charge on a time basis, call us to find get a quote.

Making an appointment

We offer a flexible walk-in service however it is best to confirm a time and date in case the notary is not available. Contact us.

What you need to bring with you

Notarisation is a very serious process. It is not a rubber-stamping formality. Parties and officials in other countries rely on a notary’s confirmation that documents are genuine and have been signed by the right people. The law therefore requires us to make careful identity checks before we proceed. When you visit us please bring with you your passport or other official photo ID (e.g. both parts of a full UK driving licence) and two forms of official confirmation of your residential address such as bank statements and utility bills. These will help us to confirm your identity. Unless you are a registered client, upon arrival you will be asked to complete a notarial register form - this register forms part of the information that the Notary Public is legally required to keep - to save time download here - please complete the form and either bring it with you or fax it to: 0844 824 3407

Do any of the documents need an Apostille or 'Legalisation'?

For some legal documents to be effective outside the United Kingdom, they must be ‘legalised’. Legalisation is the official confirmation that the signature, seal and stamp of the notary is that of a genuine, practising UK notary public.

How to get your documents legalised? just ask us.

Stage one involves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO): they verify the notary’s signature and attach an ‘Apostille’ to your document or to the Notarial Cover Sheet prepared by the notary. Stage two: some countries require a further verification process from their embassies or consulates. Notary Co UK can do all this for you, just ask.

The process of legalisation usually takes between 3 to 5 days Express service available

Any Questions?


Call our offices for information.

Basil Preuveneers LL.B. is a fulltime Notary Public his personal mobile number is 0752 563 3237.

With over 25 years' experience, he is familiar with all kinds of notarial matters, from complex company agreements to property transfers, affidavits, Powers of Attorney and Declarations of Sponsorship to providing proof of being alive!

He is a particular expert on the procedures for purchase and sale of property abroad and all matters related to the UAE and Gulf countries.

Basil sold up in Mitcham and is no longer a partner of Preuveneers LLP Solicitors.

Basil notarises and legalises documents during the week from his central London office and sees clients in the Tadworth KT20 area of Surrey out of hours and at weekends by appointment.

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